Frequently Asked Questions One thing we love about a good board game is the social interaction and the debate over how to handle a certain rule in a crazy situation…but when the debate just won’t do, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Note: These are a work in progress—if you have a specific question we have not yet addressed, send us an email from the fields below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (and probably post the question here too).

Game Start Questions

Q: Can I start my Climber at any position? A: Climbers can be at any legal position (on a neutral or your own color) as long as the Build and Move rules were followed. Climbers must start their Move from the Table.

Build Rule Questions

Q: When placing a block, can I slightly skew the block to make it balance? A: No. Player’s must place blocks to follow the checkerboard pattern as much as possible. For instance, a player cannot place a #4 block so that slightly more than half of the block is resting on other cubes and slightly less than half is hanging out in air. Q: Can I use my Climber to help balance a block? A: A Climber may be helpful for added balance, but the block must balance properly before moving onto it. Q: Can I lift pieces to put another piece underneath it in order to add stability? A: Yes. Players may temporarily lift or move game pieces, but all pieces must return to the original positions when done. Q: Once I place a block, can I change my mind that turn and place a different block instead? A: Yes. You are not "committed" to any particular build or movement until you declare that your turn is over. Q: Can I build on top of a Climber? A: Yes, but the Climber cannot be used as support (no part of the block can be resting on a Climber. Q: Can I completely trap a Climber? A: No. You may make it very difficult for a Climber to get out, but you must leave at least one escape route--that would just be bad sportsmanship otherwise.

Move Rule Questions

Q: Can I lift blocks to get to my Climber (if I cannot grab him)? A: Yes, but the blocks must be returned to their original position. If you cause the structure to fall while doing this, you will lose, so be careful. Q: Do I have to move? A: No, you can stay at your position if you like. Sometimes it's a good idea to just hang out where you are.

General Structure Questions

Q: What if the checkerboard pattern gets messed up (color touches color, etc.)? A: All players should ensure that the checkerboard pattern is maintained. If the pattern does get messed up, blocks should be removed until the structure is normal. If this is too difficult, play should continue with the pattern based on known good blocks. Q: Can I force a player to straighten blocks? A: Yes. After they have placed their block, you can have them straighten the structure as much as possible (as the structure gets taller, some mismatch will occur due to slight placement mismatch by players, dimensional tolerances and “leaning tower” effects). Q: Why aren’t blocks consistent or why does the structure not line up completely? A: Though the blocks are very close dimensionally, there will be some slight variation. Also, as players build and balance blocks, the center of gravity changes for the overall structure and its towers. This is part of the excitement and challenge of the game.

End of Game Questions

Q: How many blocks can fall before a winner is declared? A: If easily repairable (decided by all players), play can continue.   To be strict, if three or more blocks fall at once, the game is over. Blocks should be rebuilt as before if the game is not ended. Q: Are there any tie-breaker rules? A: Ok, so you can't accept a tie, here are two rules to help minimize a tie situation: 1. Of the tied Climbers, the one whose color is at the highest elevation at game end is the winner. 2. If the structure collapsed and players who did not cause the collapse were tied, the player with the most cubes in their reserve pile is the winner (a #4 block counts as four cubes, etc.).

General Questions

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.? A: Currently we are not able to ship outside the U.S. This game will be available in Europe soon, so keep an eye out.  We hope to be available in other areas soon, too.  Thanks for your patience in the meantime.  Q: Do you have any expansion sets? A: We have some planned. Keep checking back with us. Q: Do you have other games you are going to publish? A: That’s our plan (we are working on some now, in fact). Keep checking back.

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