Cornerstone was the winner of two major awards; the 2009 Mensa Select Award and the Parents' Choice Silver Honor. Cornerstone Essential is the newest game by Good Company Games. Gameplay is just like the original Cornerstone, but the Cornerstone Essential version has been specially designed for faster play. There's now an added twist of strategy, forcing players to build even more carefully, because the foundation they set up at the bottom will help make or break their success at the top. Cornerstone Essential consists of 48 high-quality custom wooden game blocks, 1 Cornerstone block, 4 Climbers, dice, cloth game bags, 8 build tokens and a rulebook. This seemingly simple game will test your dexterity and mental ability as you try to outmaneuver your opponents and beat them to the top. For 2-4 players, Cornerstone Essential even expands up to 8 players (by combining with a second game). Out of Stock! We are very sorry to say, we have just run out of stock and are no longer able to take any orders. We will not have any games in for the rest of this year. If you have any questions, please email us through our contact form. Please keep checking back with us. We hope to have some good news about Cornerstone Essential for you soon. And...just so you know, we are working on releasing our next game very soon, so check back with us for that too. Thank you for your continued support and interest. Happy Holidays and happy gaming! GameDazeLogo